Man, I remember back when all the Dev Patel/Freida Pinto rumors were first circulating, and we were all, “NONSENSE! HE IS A FETUS!” Well. That might have been true, but so were the rumors. That’ll teach us! They are at least cute together, and I’m very happy to see her pretty face back on the red carpet.

'The Last Airbender' Celeb Arrivals In NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

I’m a bit more torn about the outfit. Certainly I like where it was going, but I’m not sure the route is the best, kind of like going to Hawaii from Los Angeles via a yurt in darkest Kurdistan. The fabric appears to be that thick, heavy satin most commonly used at David’s Bridal, and although I like the idea of the belt restraining the ruffle a little, I’m not sure it’s all that flattering to her specifically. If I had a magic fashion wand, I’d try this out in different fabrics — not being satin might make the color a tad less Seafoam Jell-O Salad — and rotate in some other waist-cinchers just to see what could be done. What would you do? And aren’t you kind of relieved Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes stuck it out? If he were on the prowl again you know an up-and-comer like Freida would be getting vans of orchids sent to her house, with each blossom delivered to her door by a genetically engineered unicorn that burps gold.