I need your help, because — to flip a cliche on end — I can’t seem to see the tree for the forest. This isn’t just a dress, see; it’s two parts Dynasty, one part Marion Cotillard, a dash of an elderly lady who hasn’t shaved her armpits since 1966, and notes of Carol Channing with a heavy Dreamgirls aftertaste. Not to mention that Keri has twin echoes who appear to be attending both their own First Communion and cotillion. It’s a lot to digest. Possibly the dress is pretty? Certainly it’s not anything I haven’t seen before in other iterations — and seriously, I keep having to triple-take to make sure that is not secretly Solange under there. Poor Solange. Where did she go? First she was Beyonce’s echo, and now she’s being reduced to that girl who might kind of look like Keri Hilson a little. But I do wish I could see what Sol-Angel would do with this getup — I mean, that girl knows how to fug up a joint.

Just for fun, then, let’s not restrict the comments to how you’d improve Keri’s styling here. Let’s also discuss the following: What Would Solange Have Done? Solangify this style, Fug Nation. Do it in her memory. Sniffle.

Bring me clarity, dear hearts:

  • This is FABULOUS. (23%, 2,194 Votes)
  • I am seriously feeling it, but only because it's so campy. Toned down, I'd be bored. (49%, 4,687 Votes)
  • I've seen it all better elsewhere. (6%, 552 Votes)
  • WTF. No. (13%, 1,215 Votes)
  • SOLANGE WHERE ARE YOU MY DOVE? (11%, 1,015 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,664

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[Photos: WENN.com and Splash News]