This very nearly arrested me at first. It’s bold and bright and interesting to behold:

But then my crankypants came out of the dryer, and suddenly, it looked like when you belt your bathrobe in haste and it randomly becomes two different lengths. And then the blousy sleeves suddenly seemed like the jacket on an ’80s tracksuit. Maybe something, say, Morgan Fairchild was wearing on an episode of Paper Dolls, perhaps while throwing paint on someone’s fashion line, screaming wildly while her bangs did not even move in the rage-breeze. And once I got to THAT iconic blonde place, Camilla here was never going to survive the competition.

In other words, my thought descended into madness.

Help me untangle them:

  • I love this, actually (13%, 584 Votes)
  • I just want to hem it evenly and then I'm fine (45%, 2,017 Votes)
  • Why is that ONE panel so BLUE and the rest is more plaid? (9%, 407 Votes)
  • Her lipstick is Dullsville (3%, 129 Votes)
  • Just trash it all (26%, 1,168 Votes)
  • Other. OTHER. I have other thoughts and there is never an "other" option. (5%, 224 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,529

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