For some reason, this dress strikes me as… somewhat larval.

It’s like there’s one dress trying to hatch out of the other. The question is, which is which? Is the sparkly sequined sheath the cocoon, from which a floaty floor-length butterfly is trying to emerge? Or is the short sequined dress the one fighting for life outside its filmy casing? I can’t decide which is the chicken and which is the egg, and then of course there’s the whole debate about which of those was first, and frankly my brain isn’t flexible enough to do those kinds of back bends. The question becomes, which dress is worth saving — if any — and how would you go about it? Me, I’d go with the short and sparkly, but that is about as surprising as hearing that I’m having peanut butter for lunch. Which I am. And it’s going to be fantastic. See if you can imagine this dress into something similarly life-affirming.