My eyes are crossing:

It’s like an impressionist painting poorly swaddled with scraps of Kelly Wearstler wallpaper. I’m not sure if Naya is attending a party, or hatching. Things are weirder in the close-up:

I’m not sure of the benefits of built-in hips, although I’m going to hazard a guess: Since it was rumored that Mark Salling unceremoniously dumped Naya and she allegedly keyed his car, I have decided those things are stuffed with rocks and maybe a brick so that she can “accidentally” hip-check him into a wall and break his lady-banging pelvis. This is a ballsy plan. Very Alexis from Dynasty. However, the downside — aside from, you know, shattering someone’s groin — is that you have to walk around all night with brick hips that will have people wonder if you are not Santana from Glee but instead The Girl Who Sat On The Hornet’s Nest.

Fix it, Fug Nation! Would you leave it as-is but deflate the hips? Keep the hips but pick a pattern? Bring down the puffy sleeves? Change the shoe? Have at it. Make it sing.