Didn’t Kim Kardashian declare that she’s so over one-shoulder dresses? So, like, doesn’t that mean all of Hollywood should be throwing theirs on a giant bonfire and then dumping the flaming embers in Mel Gibson’s yard? I mean, if I can’t cleave to The Gospel According To Kim, then what can I trust?

Seriously, though, this is so overwhelming on Kaley. Just because you HAVE all that fabric doesn’t mean you should USE it all, you know? That’s why God invented scrap bins. I’d either shear off the sleeve,  slice the dress short, or both. Then add a funky-colored shoe or something just to spice it up… anything to keep it from setting up camp so firmly in Jessica Simpson Would Wear This territory. That is no country for young women. Nor old men, really.

Note: We are aware she had a horrible accident with her leg earlier this year, but to address a concern in the comments, it does not appear she is still wearing a cast that requires floor-length hemlines.