This isn’t as bad as I initially thought — when I saw the thumbnail of this photo, I didn’t see that she was carrying a purse; I thought it was just some random cutout in the beige part of Emily’s dress.

Now that mine eyes no longer deceive me, I’m still not totally enamored, but it’s certainly better.  All the lace is a tad overdone. She looks like a widow’s hanky. I think I’d be able to deal with it in one place or the other, and my vote goes with keeping the neck lace and changing the skirt hem. However, she does at least look happy, and her eyeliner isn’t all smeared under her eyes the way it normally is. Maybe marriage has been excellent for her eye-makeup-application skills.

And at this point, at first, I wrote this whole thing about how Emily got hitched to one of the new SNL cast members, Taran Killam — to whom my husband has had this really visceral negative reaction, until this past week when Taran did the animatronic dancing skit and totally nailed it; I think their relationship might be on the mend — and then I remembered that he’s actually Cobie Smulders’ baby daddy, not Emily Deschanel’s husband. SHE is married to an actor named David Hornsby, who is on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and was apparently in Pearl Harbor. So, you know, Taran Killam ended up here by accident, and I’m sorry about that, dude. You really were good in that one sketch. I would like to know how your murderous animatronic musician would change this dress.  Please advise.