I’m so happy Amy Ryan is back on The Office for a bit, because she’s really charmingly dorky on that show as Michael Scott’s lobster. (I can’t believe Friends is now officially old enough that I may need to specify that as the source of the lobster reference. Sigh. Time is marching on, and doing an elaborate formation on my face.) However, as much as I would like to offer her my unequivocal support, I am not sure about this:

It just seems so LAZY, like, “Hmm, the white dress is kind of saggy and drab… OH I KNOW,” at which point the designer retreated into his or her tulle shed and brandished a weapon of mass destruction. (Don’t tell the government.) The question is, does this basic idea have a kernel of excellence in there somewhere? Or is it just a burnt batch of popcorn? Can you tell I totally whiffed a bag of Orville Redenbacher this weekend?

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