My first reaction to seeing this outfit was, “Oh, noooooooo.” As one of you pointed out in the comments, it has all the hallmarks of something that would be adorable on a toddler, but on a then-19 year old Kiernan it’s mega-twee. To me it’s the fashion equivalent of being bonked on the head and seeing stars. Is the tutu real? Does it truly also have pants? Am I hallucinating ribbons? Is that a tulle tail? When my vision clears, will this distill into something that makes better sense?

Critics' Choice Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Jan 2018

It’s one of those outfits that’s ripe for an unfugging, though, because there are SO MANY elements that there are seemingly infinite ways to mix and match which ones you might delete, or how you’d rework them. The color story is fun, and lord knows Kiernan has the spunk to carry A Whole Lot of Nonsense; I just wish she didn’t have to here. I don’t like that I can see the waistband of the pants through the tutu, so I honestly think I’d start with deleting that and the tail, and then we’d think about the shoulder bows and whether the top should stay a midriff situation… but truly there is a melange of options and I hope we can all join hands and work through this conundrum together.

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