JODIE FOSTER: Are you really tall and I’m really short? Is that the deal?

OLIVIA WILDE:  Who the hell knows anything anymore.

JODIE: You seem glum.

OLIVIA: Well. Jodie. Yeah. It’s these bangs. I’m not happy with them.

JODIE: But your dress seems like it’s really pretty. YOU are really pretty. Your bangs aren’t….hair grows out. Hey, at least you’re not the only person in town who still gets calls from Mel Gibson in the middle of the night. He’s driving me craaazy.

OLIVIA: I got destructive the other night.

JODIE: What are you talking about?

JODIE: Oh, honey. No.

OLIVIA: I know. I…know. I don’t even know what…or how….or why this is. I am just….I need to go sit down now. FOREVER.