I feel like even Ashley Greene has got to be like, “no, I don’t know why I got invited to the Tonys either!”

She attended the event with Jason Wu, who designed this dress, and I would imagine that they were both there at the Behest of Wintour (or, at least, that he was, and she’s his new muse or something), and again I must say: Why is this happening, even? This is not the CDFAs. This is the Tonys. And I have no sentimental attachment to the Tonys at all — they are the one awards show I rarely even watch, although I enjoy The Theatre very much indeed, and I always like the live performances when I see them — but I don’t know that drafting Anna to turn the red carpet into Just Another Vogue Production is going to get America Super Jazzed About The Tonys.  And I don’t know I personally am Super Jazzed about this dress on her AT ALL.

[Photo: Getty]