All I know is, if this isn’t meant to be a sartorial salute to that time Britney and Justin wore matching denim outfits to the American Music Awards (in what is truly the greatest red carpet moment of the early aughts), Tinashe should just starting telling people it was anyway, even if only to mess with their heads. I am serious. BEHOLD:


We’ve got the choker, the multiple denim washes, the patchwork! The flash of abs, of course, are a Britney-friendly way to reinterpret one of Britney’s iconic looks while still making sure everyone knows that your trainer is worth the price. Likewise, I am fairly sure that JT wore jeans as wide as Tinashe’s whilst he was still in *NSYNC, making her overall look a brilliant pastiche of the best and most iconic fashion moments of one of the best and most iconic musical couples of yesteryear, all rolled into one pretty comfy red carpet life choice. I’m sure Britney approves.

[Photo: Getty]

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