Natalie had been on a great run with Dior, but sadly, the ride goeth before a fall.

She could not have picked a more unflattering lampshade. Maybe she’s terribly bored now that both Kerry Washington and Drew Barrymore are officially pregnant, so she’s trying to stir up more Uterine Secret mumblings for the sake of the bloggers. You are so thoughtful, Natalie. We didn’t get you anything. But I have a few t-shirts that might look better than your top; one of them has George Michael on it. From the Wham days. I’m open to sharing.

Let’s also discuss this:

How Keira is this picture? Obviously they’ve always looked alike — Keira Knightley was Amidala’s double in the Star Wars prequels, after all — but this angle and this facial expression and this hair socked it to me harder than usual. Let’s pitch a rom-com sequel that throws in notes of Sweet Valley High, and call it Double Love, Actually.