Apparently, this sign from 1975 was supposed to offer people free six-fold stamps with every gallon. But you know, once the typo has sat there for a while… if you offer it, they will pump. On several levels. I wonder if anyone also asked for the free tea set also on offer, or if they came only to collect the bag. ZING. (You’re welcome, although I know nobody is thanking me for that one.)

As you know, we don’t do April Fools’ Day ’round these parts. Too much of the last six years has felt like one long relentless prank that simply won’t show itself out the back door. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional brilliant jape. If you’ve pulled off a good prank, or been witness to — or victim of — one, please do share in the comments. It’s as close as this site is going to get this year. Why do you think I ran all those Julia Fox outfits yesterday? There’s no WAY you’d believe them on April 1.

[Photo: WATFORD/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images]