This is Louis Vuitton, and I wrote, “What agent of chaos created THIS,” before looking it up and learning it was during Marc Jacobs’s tenure. (That may explain how it winged its way to Kirsten; I think she was a Marc Jacobs fan back in the day.) Marc has cooked up some very weird shit in his day, and this is no exception. That belt? Beautiful! The top? Has potential! The skirt? Could be nice! These are all good ingredients for a different outfit — and then Kirsten or her stylist added the misplaced bag, which is like oversalting your dish right as it heads out to the table. The effect is what happens when someone is desperate to finish a puzzle by any means possible, so they jam any old pieces together and call it done, which is CHEATING, it’s not RESPECTING THE PROCESS, you have half a field of flowers coming out of the quaint cottage roof and then there’s a duck in the sun, stop MESSING WITH THE PICTURE.

Ahem. So yes. I would argue he needs to pull this apart and put the pieces where they actually go.

[Photo: Getty]