I saw this yesterday at the hair salon and said, involuntarily, “OH NO” so loudly that the women next to me was actually concerned. I think Kerry herself looks good — although also as if she’s surreptitiously checking whether her lips are chapped or not — but she’s wearing I know not what, and the only explanation has to be that she’s doing it as a big favor to a dear friend. I suspect that dear friend is Valentino, and…dudes, this is Glamour. Do we really think the Glamour reader is going to respond to this outfit? To Kerry Washington, absolutely. Who doesn’t love Kerry Washington? Kerry Washington is great. But I think this hodgepodge of a dress — is that a random sheer black shrug? WHAT IS HAPPENING? — is going to provoke reactions of “OH NO WHAT DID THEY MAKE HER WEAR?” and not “OH NO I MUST GIVE YOU FIVE BUCKS SO I CAN TAKE THIS MAGAZINE HOME.”

I loved the cover prior to this one, and I know you can’t win ‘em all, but, man, I wish they’d made this a closer game. As far as the rest of the cover, I suspect that the Dream Board-inspired lay-out of all those words is going to prove to be a failed experiment and therefore I will merely thank them for trying something new and say no more. And, on a brighter note, this is also the month that Glamour recognizes their College Women of the Year, which is always very inspiring and definitely so this year. (And not for nothing, but at least one of those women might have advised a different cover look.)