This will FOR SURE catch your eye at the newsstand, but also it makes me think that “Black Swan Looking For Her Car In a Bright Parking Lot” is what’s meant to be hot for fall. I guess I can try to pull that off?

The interview — by Ashley C. Ford, a professional writer! Am I crazy, or does it feel like magazines are hiring people to do these, again? I hope so! — is good. I particularly liked this bit:

I can’t imagine anyone would be surprised to know Anne Hathaway has been in the driver’s seat of her own career. She consistently chooses roles with strong, smart, and unusually tenacious women who are looking for something, proving something, learning something, or simply refusing to give up. Neither she nor they seem to want to run from a fight, but Hathaway has learned a better way. “I used to love to fight!” she said. “It felt so good to fight and be right.” As anyone in a healthy relationship knows, an insistence on being right won’t last long in matters of love. Hathaway resisted. “You have those moments where you just want to grab them, like, Noooooo! I just want to be petty for a little bit longer.”


That’s about as much as she gives up personally — the vibe of this interview is that Anne is super friendly, very professional, and is never going to to give up any crazy, viral pull-quote, which is basically exactly as I would imagine her to be. (And which is for the best for her, of course!)

I also noticed — they may have been doing this for a while and I just noticed it this time — that Allure credits the people they have doing their photo retouching. I love that; credit where credit is due, and let’s not pretend that we’re not occasionally Photoshopping out a zit here and there. Would that we could do in real life.

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