It seems everyone took to Instagram this weekend to wish their fathers/partners a Happy Father’s Day (and in the case of the Cambridges, also a happy birthday to Prince William, whose b-day was Saturday). This is the most amount of teeth I’ve ever seen from Wills and that photo is very cute; I love particularly love Charlotte’s shortalls and her (on-brand) little Breton striped top.

(For all of these, you should be able to click through and see all the pics in each carousel.)

I don’t know about you but I definitely needed to see John Legend with a taco hat on:

The Rock’s little girl is VERY cute (you can see her face in the next snap):

He is too famous to do this, but this photo makes me want a reality show about the Michael B Jordan family:

That is DEFINITELY a scene where they all go out to the range, shoot things, and then have a heart-to-heart about whatever the current drama is in that episode.

Let’s move into the 90210 portion of the day. Have we discussed that BAG is maybe dating Courtney Stodden? This is not a sentence I expected to write in 2020, but it’s been a weird year.

The Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox bebes are very cute though, as are Jason Priestley’s kiddos:

Jason is giving us REAL Brandon Walsh energy with that hair, too.

Speaking of cute babies, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter is SO CUTE I CAN’T TAKE IT:

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Happy Father's Day!!! @dwyanewade

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The Demi Moore/Bruce Willis household had a big bash:

That’s Rumer behind Demi, right? She really looks like her Mom with the dark hair.

You will want to click through Gwen’s pics and let me know if they are perhaps living in a Bass Pro Shop:

You can really see Gavin in those kids, right?

Speaking of popular singers of the late 90s:

Do the Beckhams live in their own hotel?!?! I would love to move in.

Meanwhile, J.Lo — or someone on staff, but I like to think it’s her — spent all weekend making a video e-card (with interview bites and music about her current betrothed). It’s wholesome!

Marc Antony also got a scrapbook, although amusingly she did not tag him. TBH, I love the idea that J.Lo is at home scrupulously scrapbooking everything:

I also — only slightly related — really miss when there was baseball, and A Rod would be calling a game for ESPN, and they’d sometimes cut to J Lo in the stands and she’d have great sunglasses and a cute cardigan on, and she’d wave. I MISS BASEBALL J LO.

A Rod was not left out of this lovefest:

I have to admit that I love this picture of Kimye and their kids:

Kim is being somewhat serious (facially); 75% of the kids DO NOT CARE; North West is like, “are we not all supposed to be adhering to theme, here? Didn’t the rest of you read the brief??!”; and Kanye just finds the entire thing amusing.

OMG, Eva Longoria’s little boy is CUTE:

And, finally, Apple Martin is a teenager and I AM OLD:

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