So, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first step in Gwynnie’s attempt to take over Mary-Kate Olsen’s identity, right?

BFI 52 London Film Festival: 'Two Lovers' - Red Carpet

First, the long, Goth-y, furry get-ups. Next, the center-parted blond hair.  And finally, of course, the sort of sourly pursed lips. Expect soon to see her adopt the following, in no particular order: a Starbucks cup perm-attached to her right hand; a giant purse made of some kind of rare, fuzzy animal; a disregard for pants; a renewed affection for items with holes in them; a very similar — but more cheerful-looking — personal hanging around with her on occasion; and, finally, a DeLorean so that she can travel to the past, make a series of movies in which she plays twins who get into hilarious scrapes while on vacation with clueless but loving parents, and emerge a bazillionaire. It’s not the worst plan I’ve ever heard.