I know fashion is cyclical, but this is wigging me out:

Premiere Of Warner Bros.

Dresses over pants were one of the first asinine scourges to run afoul of our poison pens, back when we started this blog in 2004 (coincidentally, the last time I remember seeing Carrie-Anne Moss in anything). Back then we thought that a wrinkled frock that could stand alone, worn over trousers with no purpose but to hide an unshaven leg or a gigantic Models, Inc., tattoo, was as dumb as it might get. It is a great amusement indeed that we went from, “Pants are not tights,” to, “Tights are not pants.” My fear here, then, is that I have either a) hit my head and woken up back then, or b) that everything that’s come before is repeating on a tight loop; either way, it means I might have to brace myself AGAIN for ANOTHER resurgence of high-waisted jeans and leggings, and then I might wrinkle my forehead into such rocky oblivion that you could use it to sand a cabinet.