Yeah…I just can’t, okay:

'The Kids Are All Right' Q & A Movie Screening In NYC

[Photos: Splash News]

These shorts make me want to die a little bit. They are so, so 80s, and not in the good way. Not in the fun, retro way. Not in the way where you find yourself watching Teen Wolf on cable at 3am and thinking, “Wow, all the teen starlets in the 80s had real boobs and body fat, and looked kind of like normal people rather than people who literally spend nine hours a day on personal upkeep. Hey! That’s Teen Wolf surfing on the roof of a van!” Not in the way where you think it might be fun to revisit your jelly shoes, or do something new and interesting with neon. No. In the way where you find yourself looking at pictures of your Girl Scout camping trip and you think,  “DEAR GOD, WHY WAS I WEARING THOSE SHORTS?” And NO ONE wants a repeat of that.