Remember the second season of The Hills, when Lo would just occasionally show up and be like, “Lauren, you have really bad taste in men,” and LC would be like, “I know. Are you coming to Brody’s tonight?” and Lo would be all, “I have a mid-term tomorrow,” and then she’d leave, and we’d be all, “I just love Lo. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders! I wish she were around more,” and now she is and we’re all kind of like “eh.” Because what we liked about her was that she was what I call the Get A Grip Friend — the person who listens to you get hysterical about a boy/your financial problems/your hair/etc and then gently and with humor and love tells you to GET A GRIP. Which is refreshing on The Hills, because Grips of all sorts need to be gotten over there. And in this case, a Grip needs to be obtained regarding the subject of SATIN PANTS:


Not to mention very short, square tops, seemingly designed to showcase the evils wrought by said satin pants. Oh, Lo. I am afraid LC has fallen down on her Get A Grip duties, or else you never would have gone outside to be photographed in this. You should lure her into the kitchen for a vague discussion about this, full of staring into the middle distance and chewing on the ends of your respective pinkies. That should resolve things.