I hope this led to some kind of backstage throwdown between the She-Pratt and Lo:


[Photo: WENN.com]

I imagine Lo looked Stephanie up and down and was all, “Bitch, PLEASE, you did not just show up in something this similar to me,” and Stephanie was all, “At least my purse isn’t hideously clashy,” and Lo went, “At least I’m not wearing a little necktie like I’m some sort of Girl Scout gunning for her ho merit badge,” and Stephanie was like, “At least I have scenes on the show devoted to ME,” and Lo said, “That’s good because it makes up fro the fact that your waist has disappeared in that outfit,” and then She-Pratt was all, “DITTO,” and then Whitney Port poked her head in and said something like, “So you’re not going to believe what Stephanie and Lo did at the Paley Center…” and Lo was all, “Do you not understand WHEN you’re supposed to deliver those lines?” and then she and Stephanie laughed and laughed, while a nearby Audrina nodded sagely like she doesn’t understand the words but knows it’s time to have a noncommittal reaction, and then somewhere Heidi spontaneously got a giant pimple.