It’s been a long time since I’ve paid attention to Sharon Osbourne — which I don’t mean in a critical way; just that I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, and I am not paying particular attention to The Talk, the show she’s pushing for fall along with Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert whose fresh approach to yappery involves having more people sitting around a coffee table than The View does. And that’s really brilliant, because I know that when we all watch The View, we think to ourselves, “This show would be great if only it had MORE potential noise.”

Anyway, now that I’m aware of Sharon’s goings-on, I hope there is an entire episode of The View II: Couchpocalypse that centers around plastic surgery:
2010 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1
This would appear to be one — or three — surgeries too far. She’s starting to look like old-school Hasselhoff to me, and while Baywatch was a truly special experience, that CAN’T have been her endgame.