As the finest actor of our generation, Joey Lawrence, might say: WHOA.

I mean…whoa. And I can’t help thinking, if eyes are the window to the soul, and this shirt is the window to her cleavage — and not just a regular old window, like a full-on bay window, framed neatly and needing only a nice set of venetian blinds to completely recall the office window I am currently sitting in front of, although the view through my window is of the trees and the view through this one is MEGA BOOBS — than to what is Blake’s prodigious and shiny cleavage the window? Some might vote that her cleavage is the window to the answers of the universe, some might opine that it is the window to the end of her stylist’s sanity, but whatever it is, I hope it holds the answers to how to make this upcoming season of Gossip Girl better than the last one.