Sometimes, when I’m at a loss for a place to start with regard to an outfit, I just look to the wearer’s face. And in ninety percent of the photos, this is what Katie Holmes is doing:

This says, “Yeah. I’m a walking Spiegel catalog, and my hair looks a tad like I scalped Steven Tyler. But, America, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’re in a recession, okay? Tom and I are considering scaling back to just five homes, running the private jet only four days a week, and I’m only buying Louis Vuitton twice a month now. It’s been a real hardship, and frankly, the fact that I’m wearing an ill-fitting cotton summer dress in Patriot Stripe that I ordered for $49.95 makes me kind of a hero. Even though it also makes me itchy and full of regret. But you know what else, America? I’m ALWAYS itchy and full of regret. So I can take it.”
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