I love this cover; the cover line “Welcome to the Family” is brilliant, and it looks like springtime to me, a vibe that is welcome even if it is November. WE HAVE TO LIVE FOR SOMETHING. I also am very amused by the fact that Emerald Fennell looks like someone just told her what actually happened with Charles, Diana, and Camilla. It’s so lively — the whole thing has great personality.

The inside feature, by Elizabeth Holmes (a real journalist! Although T&C has always been good at that, actually, and I also think the trend of Actors Interviewing Actors has really died over the last year or so), is quite good — very thoughtful and meaty, and for sure of interest to anyone looking forward to this upcoming season of The Crown. (So…presumably much of this website’s readership.) For example:

Corrin had another six months to prepare, and a team ready to help. The show’s movement coach, Polly Bennett, worked with her on abstract Diana concepts, like how the princess might stand in a doorframe (centered, leaning on one side) and what kind of animal she might be (not a deer in the headlights, as Corrin first thought, but a cat: curious, composed, a bit calculating). Still, it was Corrin’s newcomer status that proved the most useful on set. “If we had gotten an experienced actress, it would have been an actress acting being nervous,” Morgan says. “Trust me, Emma was nervous on every day that we were filming,” calling it “enormously helpful.”

The idea of talking about how your character would stand in a door frame is exactly the sort of logistics that I am here for; in fact, the entire interview is quite pleasantly logistics-y, and I think you’ll enjoy it. The inside editorial shots are also really fun — definitely worth a squizz on a late October morning, so click over if you have the time.

[Cover: Danny Kasirye/Town & Country]