Angelina Jolie might be the only person who loves a caftan more than those beloved icons of American comedic mastery, The Golden Girls. She cherishes dresses that look like robes, be they in black, or grey, or blackish grey, or greyish black, or muddy grey… and then, sometimes in white, presumably for when she wants you to think she’s angelic and pure and totally innocent of anything you might have read about her anywhere. Her stylist seems to have made it her signature skill to find dresses that are demonstrably different, yet feel exactly the same. Now, as to why Angelina doesn’t want to have more fun with her closet, well, I can only assume she’s too busy sitting around at home thinking about Darfur or typesetting  a sample peace treaty she just thought up, or lactating the milk of human kindness into bottles made of recycled glass and her own tears. You know how it is — when Us Weekly is Team Jennifer, you have to pull out all the stops so that People will remain firmly in Camp Jolie-Pitt.

Let’s take a tour through some pictures — and an imaginary dialogue — of Angie and Brad at the premiere of The Tourist to see what we think of her choice for her big on-screen union with Johnny Depp. Personally, I think she looks kind of glamorous in this particular getup, but maybe she’s just lulled me into submission. Take a tour through the slideshow — the best full-shot is the last slide (sorry, that wasn’t on purpose) — and then report back with your vote on this matter of national importance.


  • LOVE IT. (35%, 4,785 Votes)
  • HATE IT. (11%, 1,529 Votes)
  • It's like a mild curry -- tasty but could definitely use some extra heat. (29%, 4,014 Votes)
  • Well, I LIKE my curries mild. I'm a spice wimp. SO. (4%, 524 Votes)
  • All I'm saying is, it could be more. So much more. (21%, 2,826 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,679

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