Y’all. We needed this.  And this cover — shot and art directed by R Pattz himself — does visually represent my own emotional state at the moment. And my hair looks more like this than I am prepared to admit. I keep imaging what the reactions must have been over at GQ when they opened the email from Pattinson with these shots in them. They must have burst out laughing — truly, mostly in the good way? This is very creative and it’s honest and it’s BONKERS and I sort of love how he’s leaned into how feral he is right now.

First thing in the morning yesterday, I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram before turning my emotional energies to the news. And I saw this, from GQ’s Nikki Ogunnaike (whose IG is, btw, great):

“Truly chaotic” is NOT an understatement, I am merely going to direct you to please go read the thing and come back here. I could have picked EVERY SINGLE MOMENT out of it. It’s an amazing piece, the kind of profile you read and never forget. This IS a time capsule, she is NOT kidding and (a) Robert Pattison is honestly a pretty good photographer (the inside spread is well-shot and VERY creatively styled in a way that honestly is pretty editorial but also bonkers) and (b) I long for more celebs to just…bring this kind of chaotic energy to us. (It’s also a very well-written and sincerely substantive piece. I can just imagine, as this all transpired over Facetime, writer Zack Baron thinking, “this is going to be a great piece.” Sometimes you just know when you’re actually getting something. Especially when a microwave explodes.) For someone who started in something so mainstream — both Harry Potter and Twilight — Pattison is truly a fascinating weirdo, and an honest one. He actually really talks about stuff in this interview. Bless him.

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