The yellow Janelle Monae cover was so outstanding that I only just realized Variety did two others for its Power of Women issue, which also celebrates frontline workers. And I was so caught up by Janelle’s direct gaze that I didn’t notice the photos themselves are not true mirrors — in Janelle’s and in these two, they’re staring right into our eyes on top, but in the reflected picture they’re each looking off into the distance more contemplatively. I like them all. Janelle’s is the best — it’s the most artistic and arresting, all at once — but Cate’s is also strong, and Patti’s has a wry feel:


Cate’s interview talks a bit about her philanthropy and then settles on a diluted strain of the current “We are in TROUBLE” feeling that I have every time I read the Covid latest. But hers is chipper compared to Patti’s; the short version is, “We’re doomed, America is over, Broadway is never coming back, and I’m going to move to Ireland.” I would rather believe the soft-focus hope I see on the bottom side of hers than the “Mmm hmm, you’re screaming inside, I see it” expression on her top portion. Maybe I’ll turn my laptop upside-down and look at it that way.

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