For British Vogue, apparently August is the “reset” issue. Edward Enninful explains in his (as usual, beautifully thoughtful) letter from the editor:

It’s easy to feel tired or daunted, to look at the past few months and simply think, “I’ve had enough.” But let’s be honest: normal wasn’t working. There is not, alas, a quick fix. Though one positive that has emerged during these times for me has been a greater opportunity to think and prioritise. Marooned at home, a silver lining for the lucky ones has been time. Typically, I never spend more than a night or two in on the trot, and travel extensively for work. Suddenly there was space to reflect and reset. To pause, so as to better work out the next steps.

That is what this issue is all about: reset. It starts with 14 special covers – a first project of its kind for Vogue. It has been a major theme of these past months that our eyes have turned to nature as a steadying force amid the chaos, and so I am delighted to bring you a story for which some of Britain’s greatest living image-makers – from photographers David Sims and Nadine Ijewere, to artists Lubaina Himid and David Hockney – present new and original landscapes captured around the country.

These covers are stunning and soothing and creative (and I imagine it was not logistically easy to organize this, but at least no one had to yell at a model over Zoom to please move her pile of junk mail out of the shot). Let them wash over you!