I love this cover. She looks beautiful and rich — the T&C brand, obviously — but I also REALLY need to know about that art swindle AND how to save Venice!

The cover story is well done — Chloe Malle is good at the celeb profile — and has some interesting tidbits. (There was an editing error in there where one of the paragraphs repeats in the middle of another, and then one more time on its own; I assume they will have fixed that by the time you read this. Don’t worry, you’re not having a spell.) She comes across as very French to me (which, of course, she is!):

She takes a sip of her café crème and pauses. “Actually, I think I don’t act. I never act. I don’t think that I inhabit someone else. I always act myself in all the films. It’s always the same character but molded in a different way. I don’t become the character.” She leans across the table for emphasis. “I feel that I am the character.”

She also has some #MeToo thoughts that I suspect will get the most pull-quote play here in the US:

But she is concerned about the lack of gray area the movement currently allows. “I think that it’s really difficult now. The world has become so binary. Everybody gets so politically correct, and it frightens me, because some people have done very serious damages and things that are unacceptable, but we need to forgive also.” She seems pained as she says this. “And now c’est la guillotine.” She makes a slicing gesture with her hand.

C’est la guillotine is so much more poetic in French than it is in English.