I make no secret of the fact that I love the THR’s Most Powerful Stylists list. First, it is always fascinating to see the wide range of clients that one stylist might have — you can always tell someone is good at her job when her clients aren’t all dressed alike; she’s clearly styling them and not them as herself (for example, Karla Welch, who came in at number one, styles both Bieber and Ruth Negga, and two more divergent closets do not exist). Second, it’s wise of The Hollywood Reporter to acknowledge that stylists are a huge part of the Hollywood image machine, that what they do is really hard and quite creative, and to give them credit for that. The job of dressing people might be very easily dismissed as a frivolous occupation — women’s work, don’t you know? — but styling is a powerful industry and surely not an easy gig. I can only imagine that half the time, you’re telling someone not to wear something, she overrules you, and then she blames you for her landing on the Worst Dressed List when you told her she would. Like a lot of creative, behind-the-scenes labor, stylists (I suspect) get a lot of the blame but not a lot of the credit. So credit where credit is due.

Let’s take a look at all these covers — I assume everyone styled themselves, but wouldn’t it be funny if each stylist had to style the other one? Obviously, no one would ever agree to that, because this feature is an amazing plug for your business, especially in a industry publication, but still. The idea amuses. At any rate, definitely pop over to THR and take a look at the entire feature. It’s extremely interesting, and full of insights about the just-concluded awards season — for example, I didn’t realize that Emma Stone is the first Best Actress winner to sport Givenchy at the Oscars since Audrey Hepburn won. Also, I learned that Cristina Ehrlich is now styling Lena Dunham, which explains why Lena has been looking more polished lately. AND long-ago exes Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal (still?) share a stylist. Informative and gossip-y!

[Cover images: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter]