So, it came to pass that several of my friends and I watched Honey last weekend, because Jessica had somehow never seen it. (I KNOW.) It’s one of the most important movies of our time, obviously. TWoP recapper Couch Baron said it best when he called it a cross between The Wire and Black Swan; the sad thing is, if you look at her resume, it’s entirely possible this is the best movie she’s ever done, and that is not me saying that Honey is a good movie. Anyway, aside from all the other lunacy — including Missy Elliott’s two scenes and Joy Bryant’s refusal to wear a bra, and also the plot itself — Jessica’s character Honey displays a real affinity for telling people that “[their] flavor is HOT.”

Ergo, I ask you: Is her flavor hot?

Me personally, I don’t love spicy food. But let’s pretend: She was well on track for those flaming-hot buffalo wings that made Man vs. Food cry, until Sleeve Cape made its presence known. That may have watered things down to a flavor level of Taco Bell.

Is her flavor hot?

  • YES. YEOW. (49%, 7,668 Votes)
  • It's... piquant! (26%, 4,016 Votes)
  • No, mild with occasional zesty spots! (19%, 2,887 Votes)
  • Flavorful as water! (6%, 982 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,553

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