So, here’s the thing: Lo Bosworth looks all suspicious of the cameras, right?

But — according to the caption — she is at an Outback Steakhouse in Boca Raton. How many paparazzi photographers do you know who routinely stake out the Boca Outback? I highly doubt this person was sitting around at home and thought, “I know. THE OUTBACK. It’s always TEEMING with unexpected C-list celebrities carrying a bag of steak!” Which leads me to believe she, or her people, tipped them off because she hasn’t had her picture taken in a while. And if THAT’S true, then why was she wearing Xanadu Meets Flashdance on her upper half? Why was SHE sitting at home thinking, “I know. THE SHOULDER HOLES. It is exactly what I want to be seen in for my big moment — um, I mean, when some random paparazzi photographer happens to be staking out my chain restaurant of choice!”

So, in sum: weird all around.