Ruth here is in the show where Pacey plays a rancher. And for her sake I hope it’s better than The Lone Ranger, which is the only other thing I know her from Stateside, and which was — for reasons that have NOTHING to do with her — an atrocious celluloid cowpat.

I like her art deco shoes — for some reason, they scream Jessica to me, so I hope they materialize somewhere in her size at an absurd discount — but the drabness above it is like a glass of curdled milk: sour and a trial to consume. SHE is pretty; it is musty. Especially the satin meridian and then the horizontal piping that’s cutting her right where a lady should not want to be boxed. The runway photo makes clear that it’s actually a skirt with chiffon drapes, but… again, what woman wants a curtain rod up in her business? Even Carol Burnett kept it up at her shoulders. Don’t rod your pelvis, ladies. There’s your takeaway.

[Photo: Getty]

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