IT’S BACK. Let’s take a look at everything American Vogue brought us last year, and predict who will land on the cover of Vogue in 2016. (As ever, we have a gimme in the form of January here. Everything else is up for grabs.)

In case you want to check on how you did last year, here’s that post. I did terribly — I only got Angelina (which was a total shot in the dark) and Cara Delevingne. I CANNOT but do better in 2016. My personal predictions are: Hillary Clinton (it’s an election year), Adele (I wanted her THIS YEAR and I’m going to keep saying her until it’s true, though it really should have been this month), Renee Zellweger (for the new Bridget Jones movie and because Anna CANNOT RESIST RENEE), ScarJo (for the new Avengers movie), Kerry Washington (because she’s Kerry Washington, but she’s also playing Anita Hill in Confirmation for HBO) Lily James (I thought she’d get it for Cinderella this year, but she’s in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I really really think Anna is going to go for her eventually), Emily Blunt (for Girl on a Train), Rihanna (she’s due),  Amy Adams (for Batman v Superman), Zoe Saldana (for the new Star Trek), and the Obligatory Hot Athletes of the Summer Olympics (whee!!). Your turn!