At last! It is time for our annual Vogue Predict The Cover post, in which we take a look back at all of American Vogue’s covers for the past year, and then we all try to predict who will land a Vogue cover in the upcoming year. (Sienna Miller is January’s gimme.) You can see previous years’ Predict The Covers right here.

My predictions for 2015 are: Lily James (she’s in Cinderella with Blanchett AND Downton and I don’t think Wintour will be able to resist the blonde Brit here), Gwyneth (ostensibly for the new Avengers movie), Naomie Harris (for the new Bond movie), Kate Winslet (in the new Alan Rickman movie), Madonna (she has a new album coming out), Adele (ditto), Rachel McAdams (for the new season of True Detective), Cara Delevingne (for the Obligatory Model Cover), Jessica Chastain once again, Angelina Jolie (why not), and Shailene Woodley. Your turn!