You know how magazines are always, “you can totally wear that cocktail dress over a long-sleeved shirt for winter!”? My reaction to that is always, “but wouldn’t it look like I’m wearing a cocktail dress randomly layered over a long-sleeved shirt?”

The answer is yes — the operative word being random. In all honestly, I feel like this might have looked totally cute had the cocktail dress in question been two-shouldered (making it look more like a jumper), or no-shouldered (making it look more attached to the tee). As it is, she just sort of looks like she’s in the middle of changing out of one thing and into another, like how junior high girls change for gym class without ever revealing an inch of flesh.  Additionally: I know (from hours and hours of Bravo) that Liv’s stylist is Rachel Zoe, and if this is what Rachel’s pregnancy hormones are doing to her skill set, the Oscars are going to be FUN. For us.

Do you think it works?