The People’s Choice Awards ceremony airs tonight — CAN YOU TELL? — and they asked us to write a sponsored post for them about it today. This is that post. Any other coverage of the People’s Choice Awards (for example, posts tomorrow in which we make fun of/praise outfits worn to said event) will be sponsored solely by our own crankiness. (And, let’s be honest, Diet Coke, although we seem to be sponsoring THEM, and their sweet, fizzy, delicious chemical concoction.) We just wanted you to be aware. We will never include a sponsored post on this blog without disclosing that it is just that.

Now, of course, we know that if you are watching the People’s Choice Awards, it is because you really, really need to know if America’s Favorite New TV Comedy is Kath and Kim or Gary Unmarried, or that one starring that dude who was in those commercials about voice mail. But here at GFY HQ, it is because of our annual Who Will Look Most Ridiculous At The People’s Choice Awards? Pool. Intern George has bested us twelve years in a row, despite the fact that he’s only worked here for like three, most recently for accurately predicting that Sandra Oh would wear a HEPA Filter in 2007, and then for calling the fact that the writer’s strike would jettison last year’s show. So we thought you might want to get in on some of the hot betting action. The current front-runners in our pool are the following nominees (pictured wearing some of their past crimes for purely illustrative purposes):


MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 - Winners Boards


2008 MTV Video Music Awards - Show


Bambi Award 2008 - Show


Premiere Of

KATE HUDSON: (How very interesting that she and Anne Hathaway are both nominated when they have a movie coming out this very weekend! Surely just a coincidence!)

UK Premiere : Fools Gold - Arrivals

Thank you for voting, readers! And now, back to your regularly scheduled fuggery.