I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it, as I fear none of my own echoes: I don’t know if Taylor Swift ACTUALLY wears the same thing all the time, but if I keep FEELING like she does, isn’t that almost as bad?

I mean, this in particular looks ripped from, like, a wedding on Teen Moms or something. I hate how the bodice reminds me of a bathing suit, the way it is gathering near her boobs. But overall it’s just sort of… I saw it and said, “Oh, yes, of course.” Now, I recognize this is a tough row to hoe for Taylor here, because if she throws over her usual style in favor of, say, Rihanna’s, we will of course fug the hell out of it and wonder whether she left her sanity in a jar at Jake Gyllenhaal’s house. But there is ever so much acreage between samey-samey and Rihanna. In fact, there is acreage on all sides. She could Emma Stone it up, or go full Mila Kunis. She doesn’t have to wear a string bikini and dance 90-percent-nude down the streets of Barbados. She just needs to wake it up a little, that’s all. And then probably write a song called, “Doughy Pasty Blog Ho (Your Forehead Is My Washboard).” But that’s fine. I will take that bullet — although mostly because now I kind of want to hear that song.