Okay, the first thing is: I do not think the movie that Taraji is promoting is going to be, technically, any good. It’s a gender-flipped version of What Women Want, which was a terrible movie in the first place, and it’s coming out in Cinema’s Graveyard, February.  But also: Who cares? Everyone’s been in a February Movie, and I think Taraji is going to be just fine. She’s great in this interview:

Despite all her successes — in the Oscar-nominated films Hidden Figures and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — Henson has never had a movie studio bring her overseas to do press. But Cookie has. “Hollywood executives would tell me that I don’t have fans all the way over there,” Henson says, shaking her head. “I said, ‘You’re lying because they can reach me any time. I’m a finger tap away, and they let me know every day.’ ”

And while the international box office plays a big role in getting lead parts in feature films, it was Cookie who let Henson know she was appreciated. “Then we go to Paris [to promote Empire], and it’s standing room only in a room with 1,500 seats. I cried. If you believe what people tell you … you can’t let people tell you shit.”

You really can’t let people tell you shit. This is true. The whole interview is worth your time, though — Taraji is one of those celebrities who you can tell is just having an honest conversation with the reporter sent to chat with her. She’s not giving away anything she doesn’t want to give away, but she always comes across as self-assured and relaxed. This is true in red carpet interviews, too — she’s inherently likable and I think it makes people feel like they know her.

As far as these covers go, I don’t love the newsstand one (above), simply because I think she looks a little sleepy in it — although I love the styling, and the BOSS headline is, well, boss. But I might have liked it more if I hadn’t seen the subscribers’ cover first:


IT. IS. SO. CUTE. EiC Laura Brown — who is doing a great job with InStyle, I think — noted on her Instagram that it’s an homage to Mary Tyler Moore (tossed cap and all), and I almost can’t stand how much I love it.  (Also, I want those shoes to be mine, immediately. Thank you.)

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