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Inglourious Basfuggs

Jul 29, 2009 by Jessica at 12:25 PM
The Inglourious Basterds premiere in Germany was just a sight to behold, you guys. I wish we could have… Read More »

Random Fug

Jul 10, 2009 by Jessica at 2:03 PM
This photo is from an event held in support of David Carradine Memorial Fund. I didn't know this was… Read More »

Not At ALL Random Fug: Bridgetta Tomarchio

Jul 10, 2009 by Heather at 12:07 PM
Back in 2007, we got an e-mail from a girl named Bridgetta Tomarchio in which she complained to us. Read More »

Cannes Random Fug: Elena Lenina

May 25, 2009 by Heather at 11:24 AM
There is not much more information out there on Russian actress Elena Lenina than the last time we fugged… Read More »

Possibly-Soon-To-Be-Less-Random Fug: Katerina Graham

May 18, 2009 by Heather at 9:44 AM
It's nice to see Katerina Graham -- first featured on Friday with this fug buffet, but well on her… Read More »

Random Fug: Katerina Graham

May 15, 2009 by Heather at 1:25 PM
It seems I have a reason to root for The CW to pick up The Vampire Diaries for its… Read More »

Random Fug (To Us): Claire Merry

Apr 21, 2009 by Heather at 11:00 AM
I'm sure Claire Merry thought it was really clever to show up to the Star Trek premiere dressed like… Read More »

Random Fug: Isabella Grosso

Mar 25, 2009 by Heather at 1:15 PM
Poor lamb.She learned the hard way that her bedroom valance didn't have QUITE enough material to do the whole… Read More »

Random Fug

Mar 24, 2009 by Heather at 2:00 PM
I don't know who this Tiana Silliphant is -- Google suggests she was married to the dude who wrote… Read More »

Random Fug (To Us): Shontelle

Mar 9, 2009 by Heather at 12:23 PM
It seems Shontelle is a songstress from Barbados who's currently hoping to take the US by storm. Sound familiar? Read More »

Random Fug (To Us): Gabriella Cilmi

Mar 5, 2009 by Heather at 10:05 AM
You know how, whenever we mention the embarrassingly brilliant musical-cinema crapstravaganza From Justin To Kelly, we inevitably end it… Read More »

Sundance Random Fug

Jan 19, 2009 by Jessica at 1:21 PM
This is Chase Masterson, an actress whose name sounds like something you'd name either a dreamy quarterback or a… Read More »

NRJ Fug Awards

Jan 19, 2009 by Jessica at 12:12 PM
I do not know what the NRJ Music Awards actually are -- other than being French, and....involving music --… Read More »

Random Scrolldown Fug: Yennifer Behrens

Dec 17, 2008 by Heather at 10:46 AM
My reaction to this when I saw the thumbnail was, "Hmm. Not sure I'd have worn white knee-high boots… Read More »

Random Fug: Emma Snowdon-Jones

Dec 8, 2008 by Heather at 12:40 PM
Is it just me... ... or is this particular placement of her jewels a TAD on-the-nose? Read More »

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