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When I Fug Up

Sep 25, 2008 by Heather at 11:21 AM
No, no, Nicole Scherzinger. I should be saluting YOU. It's your relentless commitment to helping the girls put the… Read More »

The Fug Row

Sep 12, 2008 by Heather at 12:30 PM
The following took place between 6:21 p.m. and 6:22 p.m.HILARY SWANK: Dude is that... John Legend?DIANE KRUGER: It is. Read More »

The Fugdors

Aug 8, 2008 by Jessica at 9:42 AM
Natalie Dormer was rather good on The Tudors as poor doomed Anne Boleyn, but now she's out and about… Read More »

Fugson Davis

Jun 9, 2008 by Heather at 9:09 AM
You might remember Jason Davis from the short-lived Hollywood supercouple "Jason Davis and Courtney Peldon," from such grossitude as… Read More »

MTV Australia Awards Fug Carpet: Lyndsey Rodrigues

Apr 29, 2008 by Heather at 12:48 PM
Empirically, I know this is a flesh-and-blood person wearing a skirt over pants. But I still… Read More »

Mission Imfuggable

Nov 30, 2005 by Jessica at 7:48 AM
Katie Holmes, finally realizing what, exactly, she's gotten herself into by agreeing to marry Crazy Tom Cruise… Read More »

Hollafug Girl

May 2, 2005 by Heather at 2:04 PM
[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.] Okay, Gwen. Let's talk for a sec. This isn't the first… Read More »

Fug Wars: Attack of the Fug

Apr 28, 2005 by Heather at 12:54 PM
Finally, Bai Ling has found a collection of people who think she is rather well-dressed: [Photo courtesy of… Read More »

HollaFug Girl

Mar 28, 2005 by Jessica at 11:56 AM
I think La Stefani needs her own category, don't you? She looks like a deranged showgirl,… Read More »

Shall We Fug?

Feb 11, 2005 by Jessica at 2:07 PM
Oh, girl. No. It is only the lack of the Inappropriately Sexy Heels that… Read More »

Fug Evans

Jan 14, 2005 by Heather at 2:03 PM
Faith Evans isn't even trying any more. How do I know this? She's wearing a white ribbon of surrender… Read More »

Random Fug: Jenny McShane

Oct 28, 2004 by Heather at 10:07 AM
This is Jenny McShane. You may recognize her from the important work she did in Shark Attack… Read More »

If You Want My Body, And You Think I’m Fugly…

Oct 14, 2004 by Jessica at 4:53 PM
Rod Stewart mistakenly believes that the Royal National Institute for the Blind Gala is going to be attended only… Read More »

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