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Fug or Fab: Kimberly Wyatt

Sep 3, 2009 by Jessica at 11:15 AM
I am loving Kimberly Wyatt lately -- not for her clothes so much as for the fact that I… Read More »

Daytime Emmy Awards Unfug It Up: Molly Burnett

Aug 31, 2009 by Heather at 12:44 PM
Ah, a girl's first Daytime Emmy Awards. Such a special, unforgettable time.Special because she gets to go and mingle… Read More »

Unfug It Up: Katherine Heigl

Aug 7, 2009 by Heather at 9:15 AM
Well, at least Katherine Heigl has that face. Because no matter how enamored, ambivalent, or indecisive I am about… Read More »

Erin O’Fugger

Jul 10, 2009 by Heather at 11:15 AM
I'm sure model Erin O'Connor was tickled to play on the Serpentine Gallery's name by showing up in something… Read More »

BET Awards Fug or Fab: Alicia Keys

Jun 29, 2009 by Jessica at 12:08 PM
Okay, first and foremost -- because I believe in the power of positive reinforcement -- I just have to… Read More »

Fabiolfug Berafuga

Jun 16, 2009 by Heather at 1:45 PM
Fabiola Beracasa is fast becoming my favorite socialite of the bunch -- which might not be saying much, since… Read More »

Tony Awards Fug Carpet: Lauren Graham

Jun 9, 2009 by Heather at 9:21 AM
Lauren. I wanted to like this. I did. You are so pretty. [Photo:]I even think the green works… Read More »

Tony Awards Fug/Well Played: Hope Davis and Marcia Gay Harden

Jun 8, 2009 by Jessica at 9:30 AM
MARCIA GAY HARDEN: Let's be frank. I look kind of great tonight.HOPE DAVIS: I...don't. Damn it.MARCIA: Did you see… Read More »

MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Rumer Willis

Jun 1, 2009 by Heather at 10:50 AM
Rumer Willis always presents me with such a quandary. I feel like any compliment I give her is almost… Read More »

Well Played, Rachel Weisz

May 19, 2009 by Jessica at 11:51 AM
Remember this?I see it every time I close my eyes. And then I scream anew. Thank God Rachel Weisz… Read More »


May 15, 2009 by Jessica at 11:54 AM
I will never forget the time I saw Rose McGowan in person. I was at Musso and Frank, minding… Read More »

Piper Fugabo

May 4, 2009 by Heather at 12:15 PM
I just did a quick search on all our posts about Piper Perabo, and discovered that two of them… Read More »

You The Jury: Drew Barrymore

Apr 20, 2009 by Heather at 12:21 PM
Folks are swooning over more of Drew Barrymore's Grey Gardens press tour looks, but I find myself riding the… Read More »

Non-Damagingly Played, Lisa Rinna

Apr 14, 2009 by Heather at 9:41 AM
[Photo:]LISA RINNA: FINE, fine, America, WHATEVER YOU WANT.HARRY HAMLIN: Come on, Lisa, I can't believe you listened to… Read More »

Fugly Betty

Mar 17, 2009 by Jessica at 1:12 PM
On one hand, Becki Newton is about as cute as a button, I love this color on her, and… Read More »

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