Honestly, this is truly how I imagine SWINTON goes through life — being feted as if she were a literal queen and being very unimpressed and deeply serene about the entire thing. “Yes, darling child, kiss the ring. I will accept your obeisance as is my right.”

They look very chic and well-styled together, though — Honor, for what it’s worth, is in a film with her mother, but not the one that’s premiering here at Cannes; I think she’s just her plus one because Cannes is fun and she’s an actress so it’s also educational as regards her professional future:

Parasite Screening During 72nd Cannes Film Festival

She looks like a very cute 21 year-old girl; Swinton seems like the otherworldly host of a very grand cocktail party that she is. Her quill pin (I’m not sure if it’s a brooch or part of her lapel) looks like it made its way out of the Queen’s jewelry box and then drank the potion inĀ Alice in Wonderland that makes you grow. Would I watch that animated film, as narrated by Swinton herself? Yes, please.

[Photo: Nicolas Genin/ABACA/INSTARimages.com]