At first, I just assumed that Meg Ryan here was just running out of the Apple store in a dress over what looks like pajama pants because she’d had to dash in there to get her new phone worked on and she was in too much of a rage about said phone drama to remember to take off her jammies:

Meg Ryan stops by the Soho Apple Store in NYC

[All photos: Splash News]

Oh, Meg. Remember when you were America’s Sweetheart? And now you’re going to the Apple store in polka dotted Old Navy pjs, making you something more like America’s Neighbor Running Out for the Paper.

But then I saw something that made me fear this old trend really IS coming back: 

Tori Spelling looks very thin at her book signing at Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena, Ca

OH TORI WHY? In fairness, I think the color of the dress — which may TECHNICALLY be a long, long vest styled to look like a dress — is very pretty on her. But the rest of this makes me scream WHAT WHY HOW NO DON’T GOD. I mean, if you’re really going back to Dress Over Pants, at least make sure those pants weren’t rescued from the trash bin at Pac Coast Sunwear. In 1996. Please. For me.