Here’s the thing. I’m SURE Emily Bergl here is a really awesome friend and a wonderful neighbor and a spectacular employee, but she has an amazing knack for getting cast in roles that I find super super annoying:

I didn’t mind her THAT much on Men In Trees — actually, that’s a lie. I hated her on Men In Trees: I thought her character was tooth-grindingly twee and I hated her haircut — but that whole show was insanely twee and full of people with questionable hair, so I can’t really blame her for either of those.  And apparently she’s on Desperate Housewives now too, where, Heather tells me, Vanessa Williams hates her hair. Which, actually, pleases me greatly — not for poor Emily’s sake, but because I feel it brings me one step closer to being Wilhelmina Slater, which is of course my great dream (faulty Brazilian butt-implants and all). (Although I do think Emily’s hair looks fine here: maybe she’s just gotten typecast as someone with awkward hair.) But! Her character on Southland (although I am two episodes behind, I am pretty sure THIS at least has not changed) is so awful and whiny and terrible that I want to punch her in the ear. Like, I don’t mean that as a slam on her acting, at all — the character is written to be very, very hard to like and man, she NAILS it.  Which makes me think that whoever helped her get ready for this is a Shawn Hatosy megafan, and she’s VERY unhappy about the way Emily’s character has been treating him. And this is her revenge. And it’s been served very cold indeed.