This is such a striking cover. The hair swirling on front of her face makes me want to brush it off, or swat away my own — but I also get that it’s a way to put motion and movement into a midshot, and her eyes pierce right through it so arrestingly that it manages not to be a detraction or a distraction. And it’s definitely better than the UK Elle version:

sophi turner elle magazine april 2020-uk-1583899372

All I can see is a person who is about to get garroted by a May Day tchotchke.

The profile is a bit frustrating. It’s one where the writer, fetishizing her periodic ingestion of blueberries, makes a point of including his own questions in the flow of the piece, and extols himself as an interviewer thusly: “Turner has been a model subject, answering questions candidly and in detail that perhaps nobody has bothered asking her before.” Those questions that no one can possibly have thought of seem to include whether she’s watched the Game of Thrones finale, and, “How does it feel to be part of one of the greatest shows of all time” — so original! — and, “Were you always a Jonas Brother fan?” He also eats the last of the crispy bacon. I wish she had sent Bran after him for that. Personally, I would have followed up on this: “I was living with my friends in Camden, in a really rough flat— people were always climbing in and out of the windows.” I want to hear about THAT apartment, which she was in WHILE on Game of Thrones. Who is climbing in and out of Sansa’s windows?!?

The slight differences between the American Elle profile and the one that ran in the U.K. are intriguing. Ours has a piece about UK comfort foods she misses, which is entirely nixed in the overseas one and replaced with some details about her outfit, a Twiggy comparison, and a slightly longer (and consequently a bit overwritten) anecdote about driving 200 feet away to her photo shoot. A blueberry is a “blue orb” in the U.K. but a “tart blue orb” in the U.S. The pregnancy — still speculation at press time — is much higher in the U.S. story; the interviewer’s self-fluffing statement about his questions was excised in the U.K., but they got the benefit of her describing her own outfit as “douchebaggy.”

This is in both, and I want to hug her after reading it:

“With Joe, I always felt like I was the one who was punching, like, way above my league. And I still feel like that,” Turner says. “He’s so handsome, talented, funny, charismatic. I’m really lucky to be with him and have someone like him want to be around me and spend time with me.”

Honey! HE is lucky.

[Photos: Elle]