I’m still waiting — I think; who the hell knows in this timeline — for the latest Elle USA cover to come out, but in Googling that, I turned up two overseas Elle mags and an Australian Harper’s Bazaar with familiar supermodel faces on them. How pleasantly old-school to see that. They’re not great covers, necessarily, but nonetheless: Let’s have more American mags follow suit, and not just because they’re trying to get their kids into the zeitgeist.

The Elle Macpherson interview is summarized online, and not very well; Elle hedges and won’t call GOOP a charlatan (boo!), and then says something about the body’s power to heal itself that I will reserve judgment on because there is not enough context around it for me to know what she means. (I’m sure she’s not saying to ignore medical science…?) This part bugged me:

As our interview wraps up, Macpherson goes to shake my hand, but I give her a hug (this is pre-coronavirus touching panic). Macpherson is interested and interesting—even if we don’t agree on everything (such as mainstream media publishing fake news). But it has been the first time in almost two decades of interviewing celebrities that I’ve had anything approaching a two-way conversation.

First, yes, I’m very concerned that Elle Macpherson is spreading the insidious fake-news gospel, although again, without context, I don’t know how extreme she was being or to what outlets or stories she was referring (for all I know, she was ragging on an Australian TMZ or something). But what really got me was the hug. I get it; you feel like you bonded. But if the celebrity you’re interviewing holds out a hand in farewell at the end, respect that freaking boundary and don’t go in for the squeeze. Sheesh.